Sneaker design: get your colour on for summer!

Let’s face it, it’s been a crazy year. Getting locked up just before we got to make the most of the last days of summer, spending waaaayyyyy too much time inside and suffering severe fam deprivation, all made for a rather dull and depressing winter. Thankfully, there’s light at the end of the tunnel just in time for summer 2021 and frankly, we’re hype to gear up again and get out! (Yes, we’re referring to our sneakers and sneaker design, obvs!). It’s time to get your colour on for summer!

Considering it’s apparent that we never know what might lurk around the next corner, we feel there’s no time to waste in giving this summer the celebration it deserves. And we all know that starts with our kicks!

Below are our current top picks of the sneakers we think best reflect our emerging (and extremely celebratory and colourful) summer mood.

For the ladies, you can’t deny the power of these Air Jordon 2 Retros. If the colour design of these sneakers doesn’t say, “Summer, I’m coming for you!” then what else can?

Womens Air Jordon 2 Retro Red - The Cross Trainer

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Hot on the Air Jordan’s heels are these rather sexy Puma Mile Riders [Insert Link over name], a vibrant combination of colours bound to add method to your summer madness (or madness to your summer method?!)  

The Cross Trainer - Puma Mile Rider

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For men, our top choice are these Puma Future Riders, a confident blend of urbanity and energy that makes a rather considered summer statement.

Puma Future Rider Mens

Shop the Puma Future Riders here.

Finally, we’re going old school for our final choice. Considering we all know that these OGs have been with us through thick and thin, we’re not about to ditch Converse All Stars now. We just like the power of red to signal our intent as we make way for a formiddable 2020-2021 summer season!

Converse All Star Red - The Cross Trainer

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