If your attitude is "a shoe's a shoe", then this post probably isn't for you! In fact, we're kinda keen on young creatives from across the globe who are kicking it with their creativity. Not just any kind of creatively however, rather, dope creatives getting their vibe on with a pair of sneakers and pushing sneaker design and creativity to the limits!

We stumbled on (and had to share) this totally lit video done by The Shoe Surgeon, founder of  a Los Angeles-based collaboration of artists dedicated to bespoke sneaker design. What you're seeing is the concept video for a custom-designed and urban-inspired sneaker called the Air Jordan 1 "Sample" Canary. Handcrafted with phython, suedes and transparent ripstop, what we wouldn't do to get our hands on a pair of these! But at $6000.00 a pop, we might have to think twice!

Since we're now pretty pumped up on the colour of summer, we'll opt for these vibrant-coloured, classic design sneakers instead - the Reebok Colour Trek in Gold:

November 02, 2020
Tags: fashion style